Bespoke commissions

Chilterns based artist Warren Kerley displays a passion for structure and texture throughout his work. His cleverly constructed canvas's feature layers of specially mixed concrete and resin, creating a backdrop for eye catching iridescent hews to play across each surface. 

Although many of Warren's pieces could sit comfortably on the walls of either a home or a commercial office, Warren prides himself on his ability to produce bespoke creations for his discerning clients. Each commission varies in complexity and is specifically designed to fit within a given space.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of creating a bespoke commission with Warren or for a full price list or further information about Warren's work please email

March 2014: Warren Kerley Isolated Textures

B P Collins LLP is proud to announce that the Ian Johnson Suite will now be hosting a small selection of work by the renowned artist Warren Kerley.

Marlow based Warren began his career by studying design and illustration at the North Herts College of Art and Design in the 1980's. His studies uncovered a fascination with surface texture that would later inspire Warren to explore abstract texture methods as a vehicle for expressive abstract art.  

Warren has just completed residencies at Henley Festival, Luton airport and John Lewis and likes to create bespoke commissions for his discerning clients.  This exhibition, entitled 'Isolated Textures', features strong abstract impressions captured on canvas by way of acrylic texture techniques. This method results in stunning isolated abstract structures that reflect mood and feeling in a particular moment in time.

Method to the madness

Warren is renowned throughout the art world for his exploration of texture. His method demonstrates a healthy respect and an in-depth understanding of how multiple layers can be constructed in different ways to craft diverse, tactile surfaces.

To construct each piece Warren begins by sketching his intent on paper before layering custom made wooden stencils onto canvases ready to paint. This method allows him to build layer upon layer of specially mixed resin and cement in isolated areas to create his desired outcome.

Once the foundations are built, each piece comes to life with explosions of vivid iridescent and metallic hews, forged together with confident brush and palette strokes until a new landscape of abstract texture is born.

The art will be displayed in the suite till the end of spring. For a full price list or further information about Warren's work please email

November 2013: Tom Johnson Erosion Diptychs

Tom's many-layered paintings have been carved and sanded back into, exposing an explosion of colour.

Tom’s combination of traditional and digital techniques as well as over-secured, rudimentary framing reiterates the human element of the works production and firmly grounds it in the environment.

This collection of diptychs were featured in the Channel 4 drama series "The Fear" as commissioned pieces for the fictitious Brighton Art gallery and are now available to purchase via the Ian Johnson Suite.

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You can also follow Tom via @tomjohnsonart

November 2013: Tom Johnson Collages

There is a sense in a lot of Tom's work of lost or hidden knowledge, the key to some of which can be found in the selection of framed sketchbook collages. A lot of work in this exhibition is machine-made and precisely assembled by the artist, but if you want to find his thumb-print in the clay you must look to the collages, for it is these works that reveal the origins of the code through which we can begin to decipher the rest of the collection.

Through relics and ancient symbols, geometric shapes, and industrial processes set against scenes from natural history we sit in on the distillation of experience, and access a world view that draws on the language of landscape, evolution and creation, and which pits so-called endpoints in civilisation and knowledge against the precarious certainty of the digital.

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You can also follow Tom via @tomjohnsonart